Tips for the DIY Google AdWords SEO Guy

These tips will save your pocketbook some serious agony for the  Google AdWords SEO DIY’r Instead of aimlessly throwing money into the dark money pit that is Google Adwords, here are some great tips you can implement yourself to help

Want to get the BEST bang out of your BUCK with Social Media?

Social Media on a Budget Let’s face it. You could spend a TON of money on social media, Google AdWords, CPC’s trying to get unqualified leads to turn over to your camp all the while begging for the conversions and leads.

Why is that picture of the beach is doing a disservice to your business?

Sitting on a lovely beach gives you some great time to reflect upon your navel and contemplate some of the finer aspects of your business (G&T in hand of course). I love travel photography. And it seems glamorous (until you