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Spammy Sales Emails and the Lingering Odour…

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I’m willing to bet both of my eye teeth, that if you are a small business owner you get about a dozen of these sales emails a week. The might not be for photo editing specifically but you get the

Crooked Lines and Dark Corners – Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography – Yours vs The Professionals Many property managers, private home sellers, and rental property choose to take their own images. Yes, they have a DSLR, maybe even a tripod…compare the difference between these agent captured images vs HeadHunters professional real estate photography capture and

Get your LinkedIn – Social Media House in Good Order!

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  If you are the average Australian you’ve just spent on average 3 hours on your mobile cruising social media APPS today. Facebook is the obvious, and I know you’re looking on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and maybe even *gasps* Tinder! So you’ve seen some stuff…

iPhone Photography Tips for Small Business

iPhone Photography Tips for Small Business EVERY business owner has one of these smart gadgets they’re virtually tethered to …and yet most of us brick and mortar businesses could be doing so much more with these little devices every day

iPhoneography – Part II

So now you know what your camera can do straight out of the box, let’s start getting into the fun creative aspect of iPhoneography ** Watch out for the exercise at the bottom – and send us your pics on