My first thought is how could you NOT have the time?
Social media can be a serious time suck in your daily activities of updating, linking, tracking, retweeting, and posting. With new APPS and ways to connect popping up every other day and your home page on your smart phone laden with collections of smart boxes, you would wonder how many hours a day could you really spend connecting socially through a little hand held computer? Well – its doesnt need to be as daunting as all that, and there are some GREAT ways to exercise your right to speak out to your circles that could only take you moments a day.
I bring you the coallators and aggrigators. Blessed be they that organize your social media strategies and save you hours of posting online.
At the moment I am loving It takes multiple accounts  from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Feedly and LinkedIn and you can then schedule adnd publish all your posts from one location to multiple platforms in seconds if you are well organized. Other great features include Feeds from your social media to aggregate them and offer organized reading and an easy way to keep up on all your social media during the day. Reporting pulls from all your platforms in an easy to read format with interactions and graphs, and aggregates them into one easy group as well. And one of my favorites is Discovery where you can find some great feeds and people to follow based on key words and accounts. Its a great way to manage most of your social medias. Exceptions of course are Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, YouTube and some other majors, but all in all, its fast, super easy and moderately priced for the time you are saving.
I think you cant NOT afford to take the time and keep up on your social media platforms. At midnight as you are burning that last end of the candle, you can line up all your posts for the next day, for the best time to launch for each media, to maximize your exposure and clicks and conversion rates.
Let everyone know you are the expert.
Be top of mind.
Strengthen your brand.
Build your readership.
Maximize your social media.
Be the leader.
By Erin Pimm