I recently had the opportunity to travel to an exotic locale for 3 weeks and think about the qualitative experience. It was a real reset for both myself personally, and time to do some work ON my business – something that as small business owners we need to make time to do, but many of us rarely prioritize.
This gave me some time to reflect upon what I really want to create in my business – a rethink about the value that I can add to drive business to my site more directly.
This year is a bit of a departure – instead of thinking quantitatively about goals, I am moving towards qualitative solutions. And qualitative doesn’t mean forget the metrics. We all need to be able to see how our marketing programs are working and gage traffic. That’s what Google Analytics and other statistical social media aggregators are for.  But that will follow once you start to really engage with your clients.
Head-Hunters Photography Stock Image
These days of course it’s ALL about content marketing. Adding value to connection to your clients by giving them relevant information and engaging them with relevant information that they will really use. Today content is the bait and the hook. But it all starts back with quality. Yes its free for them…but is it bringing them in closer to your services, developing trust, proving your authority on the subject, giving them information that they can put to use in their business or draw them in further with teaser bits, eventually reeling them in for the final hook.
You can draw traffic by Google authority, social media, blogging, content and information, video, handy tips etc. But if they don’t see the value in your content, they certainly wont engage with your further down the road into your services or products.
So consider quality over quantity. No one wants to see you hard pitching yourself over and over. The days of hard selling are over, as is the late night infomercial and the magazine ads.
As Patrick Stewart so elegantly says it…ENGAGE…