2013 was proclaimed the year of the Selfie. So Let’s learn how DO IT RIGHT!

Headhunters Headshot melbourneHere are my Top Tips for the perfect selfie

  • Ladies- Pump up the volume on your hair
  • Hold your phone above your head @ 45 degrees FOR look slimmer & trimmer YOU
  • Forget the lip pucker. You are not Kim Kardashian.
  • Leave your tongue out of it. You are not Miley Cyrus
  • Watch out for your background. You don’t want to be upstaged.
  • Use a filter APP to wash out the lines after a hard night of night clubbing

So use the  selfie for your Facebook profile but leave your website, blog,  and LinkedIn to the professionals. Your first impression is everything and part of your personal brand, so make the best out of it!