Look, even the word headshot is enough to give you the willies. It’s outdated, comes with a plethora of stomach turning experiences, and its the least favourite day of the year or joining the new company. But to get that job in the first place you’ve got to step up your image game and here are the reasons why:
1. You Look Unprofessional 
Let’s start by taking this seriously. If you want to make the big bucks, you need to look the part. I’m not talking Silicon Valley come to work in your Cargos and thongs look. You need to look presentable and professional to reflect the clients that you will be working with. Nobody wants to see your mashed up uncut toenails and hairy legs while they’re sitting in a Friday afternoon planning session.  Your photos need to reflect what you want your next career shift is – either up the ladder in your company, or starting out trying to capitalise your new social enterprise. Dress the part and have images that reflect that upward mobility. If you want coworkers and clients to take you seriously when you are replying on the Intranet or to their emails within the Gmail environment, you need to make sure you are using the right account and the right image.  Separate out
2. It’s dated
Your look has changed 3 times in the last year. You started with red, then went blond, and now you’ve got the latest hombre craze. Your image needs to match your current style. Try and tone the clothing choices and choose something a touch more conservative on the day of so that they wont date quite as fast as you do. If works paying for it great, but if you have to get a new image every 6 months because your clients don’t recognise you or your Swipe Right cant find you in the coffee shop, then its time to dial it down.
3. It doesn’t fit with your companies’ branding
You’re trying to get a job work for PWC dealing with bankers all day but your profile image is from that Uni job you had at the local chain restaurant. Awkward right? Time to level up. Suits and ties do still rule the business world as much as you may not like it. Go hit up Peter Jackson for a reasonably well tailored suit and get some great business images taken for all your business profiles like LinkedIn. It’s the FIRST place a potential hirer, Headhunter or Agency will check in about references and referrals. And while you’re at it SCRUB your social media clean of those Uni drinking pics, or make sure you have your account set to private before hitting send.
4. It’s too pixilated
There really is no excuse for a uber small pixilated image in your profile. You get a great resolution from whatever your photographer gives you. Save it to one of the DOZENS of free storage spaces (Dropbox, Google Drive).  Use the largest version you can when uploading to your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta, Snapchat, Google – wherever. They will compress and resize as necessary.
First impressions are everything. Get your resume and profile to the heap of the pile and knock yourself out a fabulous new job kiddo!