(Written for Carbon Farming Foundation Website)

Our mission is to put carbon projects back in the hands of Australian farmers. As a non-profit organisation, we are determined to see the future of carbon farming flourish, covering over 1 Million hectares by 2030.

We’re helping farmers run their own carbon projects alongside our trusted delivery partners. By providing a clear step-by-step pathway, tools, and resources, we’re supporting your journey from start to finish.

We are committed to integrating carbon projects into your existing farming operations and unlocking the benefits of carbon projects without locking up productive land.

Our lowest-cost transparent model is the fairest deal in the market, ensuring farmers get the carbon credits they deserve.

Because when you succeed, we succeed.


Your Farm. Your credits (Tagline)


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Do-It-Yourself Carbon Farming

We make it easier and cheaper for farmers to grow and manage carbon crops.

It’s well known that getting carbon flowing through an existing farm system can boost a farm’s bottom-line and enhance the health and resilience of its soils, crops, and paddocks. The problem is that getting involved in carbon farming can be confusing, difficult, and expensive.  We have found that most landowners are sitting on the fence and unsure where to start.

We’re breaking new ground with our do-it-yourself Carbon Farming model, where CFF provides resources, guidance, software, and support so landowners feel confident to successfully set up and manage their own carbon cro

We think landowners should come away with 95-100% of the carbon credits from their carbon crops. And as a registered not-for-profit, all profits that come into the organisation go back to helping Aussie farmers.

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