//6 Reasons NOT to go Overseas for Retouching

6 Reasons NOT to go Overseas for Retouching

Many photographers and creative agencies these days are sending their retouching overseas for many good reasons!

Retouching cost per hour for Australian lcan be prohibitive for small businesses, the processing time is wicked fast, and its easy and simple process  to manage.

But thats where it stops. You get paid per shot or shoot. The more you can shoot in a day, the more $$ comes in at the end of the month. But at what literal price?

Aside from the moral reasons of paying pennies on the dollar for services, we have learned FROM experienced creatives why they are choosing to bring it back home:Consistency in quality – Generally you are going to a large overseas agency with many retouchers on hand who although they know how to merge, edit, clip and colour correct, they do NOT know your style and there can be a huge difference between images and final product. The over sharpened – over saturated HDR real estate image which is soooo 2011, the clipping path that doesn’t feather enough or too much, inconsistent white balance in a series of image, window pulls that are too daylight blue or done with such sharp edges it looks totally fake. We’ve all seen it

  1. No customisation for your style – You use filters presets, grain, warm tones, peach baby skin, and subtle tones. But your images come back to warm, skin tones are orange or purple for babies, and you have to do more editing once you get them back and wasting even more time at the midnight desk.

    Real Estate image

    Real Estate

  2. Customer Service Is Useless – There is no customer service with these companies. You are one job in thousands and it can take you longer to get a single revised edit than the whole job did in general. day gone. Customer that was promised files overnight is upset. Time wasted.
  3. It takes AGES for them to build trust with your particular style – They might understand the basics of your retouching needs but do they understand your style or how you tell a story when they’re culling?
  4. They’re not using legitimate software – Many companies use one license for many computers or have ripped off downloaded software. It’s illegal. FULL STOP.
  5. Copyright – We’ve seen images used all over the world that have been ripped off straight from overseas companies. Its Illegal Full stop.

Beyond the horror stories of going offshore, paying for inconsistent product, its just great to know that we are supporting small local businesses that can pick up the phone 24/7 for problems, issues and knowing that our clients would always prefer us hiring locally for great quality product.


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