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The ‘Who’ in HeadHunters2014-05-07T10:26:31+11:00

Who is HeadHunters Headshots Melbourne?

Do you remember the first time you had the butterflies when you were trying something new? Maybe you were up the mountain your first day snowboarding, the first time you saw the love of your life, your graduation day or the day you NAILED that interview for your dream job? Thats what happened when i picked up a camera and found what I could do with it – How I could affect peoples lives with imagery.

And I get the butterflies EVERY day I pick up my camera.

We all need connection. And connection comes through people. Our family, our friends, our clients, our target audience. I discover that connection. And that means better business for you.

Whether you are updating your companies website with modern quirky headshots, creating a new profile to leverage your personal brand, creating stock imagery for your products and company Рremember the connection.

You are the brand. We make the Images.

Yours Truly, Erin Pimm – Chief Maker of Phenomenal Images. Headhunters Headshots melbourne