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Head-Hunters was born out of a NEED to create great personal branding profile headshots and small to medium business images in a creative, modern unique and fashionable way for you.headshots portraiture photography melbourne

We’ve all seen bad profile images that really misrepresent the professional level that is associated with that person, or the website that is outdated, content heavy, poorly designed and unfunctional, that had no way to convert customers over.

In fact, you probably couldn’t even find an about us sheet.

In a time of incredibly saavy consumers, you either have a great site or personal profile that engages and offers rewards for time spent, or you die a slow, Yellowpages death and cease to exist in a few years.

This is about self promotion and about getting your name, your face, your expertise and your newly found google-fu up to scratch, beating your competitors in business, job search, B2B & B2C value propositons, and KNOCKING them out of the park.

Your images come first. And first impressions, as cliche as this sounds, are everything.  So consider your social profile image, your resume, your blogs, your website, your authority in YOUR industry.

Whether you are a one person show, or multi faceted franchise – Let’s take the time to create some great new images that speak to who you really are and what you can do, and let’s make a GREAT impression for you out there.