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What does your online profile image and headshot say about you??

Head-Hunters Photography Headshot Images


In a digital age where decent profile pictures are non-negotiable, an unfocused, amateur or unflattering picture can easily detract from your career accomplishments and achievements. Whether you  are currently on the job hunt, or considering a career change, realising a well thought out concise profile image can add to your personal value and brand. First impressions are everything.


How we get your headshot right.

Head Hunters Photography seeks to redefine your personal brand by creating a unique, professional images for executive, social media, and personal use. As we have extensive knowledge in developing high quality, professional headshots, we can assure an enjoyable and full service photography experience.

Our process starts with indentifying your core values and character through a personal consulation and then visually crafting an image that makes a statement true to those values, putting the importance on both your expression, location, your clothing, and details. All adding up to the perfect visual statement, headshot, environmental portrait that aligns with your personal brand.

Now lets talk about your business


Your online presence is being graded every day.

Client and customers, B2B, B2C – your website and the images you use to represent your products and services will be a big part of your success. Estimates give most businesses 5 years before they go out of business if they don’t have a good website. Consumers are savvy. They use the web all day long. And they are on their mobile devices 45% of the time. That is giving the advantage to the businesses that have put the effort energy and money into building a consistent online presence. A website that engages and creates conversions are and will continue to dominate any industry.

Small and Mediums sized businesses have some great advantages over the large conglomerates in that they offer personalized service, relationships, and after all don’t you want to have great rapport with someone with whom you are going to be spending a lot of time and money with? Here is the opportunity. Your staff and your environment are everything. Time to capitalize on this. Having personalized images of your staff, of your office, treatment rooms, boardrooms, changing areas, interiors, exteriors, will sell you immediately if they are well done. You are instantaneously building their trust with great photographic representations of your business.

So when you are considering how to bring in more customers, upgrading your website, doing some advertising…consider the value in the relationships, your target audience, if you are reaching them, and how some great images can help you build your business and clientele

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