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How does Head-Hunters Headshot Service Work?

Head-Hunters Photography will arrange a convenient time and date to attend your workplace and perform the shoot as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s just yourself requiring our services, several employees or you need a complete company profile, we’ll send you a schedule beforehand with the details you need including the time, date and an indication of your shoot’s duration.

Head-Hunters Photography supplies all necessary backdrops and lighting. The only thing we require is a small space such as a boardroom or tearoom where we can set up our equipment without disturbing the workflow. Do you work outdoors or at a construction site? That’s fine. We can come to any location weather-permitting.


Dark colours show up best so choose a matching suit in black or navy if possible. White shirts freshen up the face. Please ensure your clothes are clean and bring a back-up outfit just in case. Teeth should be brushed immediately before the shoot.

Please shave, moisturize and spend a few extra minutes grooming the morning of your shoot.

No plunging necklines. Natural looking make-up and simple, clean hair is best. Frosty makeup is a no-no as it will add age to your face. Bring your extra products with you and we can fine tune your make-up at the shoot.

All images will be professionally retouched and include minor cosmetic adjustments such as teeth whitening, light wrinkle/ blemish correction and colour editing. If you have specific requests regarding your image, please let us know at the shoot.

Your images will be posted up on a private password protected gallery for your viewing. You will choose your favorites, we complete your final edits,  and then web ready images and high resolution images will be available for download shortly after. We work fast, as do you, and quick turn-around time is as of great importance to us. Plus we know how excited you are to get those amazing images that will get you the great exposure you are looking for.